Remap Return key to function as CTRL when kept pressed.

Use ShiftIt

As of version 24, Thunderbird has a bug where you can’t add multiple calendars hosted on the same server with different credentials.


  1. Set to true
  2. Remove all calendars and all saved passwords
  3. Restart Thunderbird and add your calendars normally.

Smoothmouse is an experimental app that attempts to improve the mouse movement in Mac OS X. Former Windows users should find it useful as it has an option to emulate windows-style mouse acceleration.

  • Open Terminal > Preferences > Settings > Keyboard
  • Check ‘Use option as meta key’ at the bottom


The best and most reliable BSD ports-style package manager for Mac OS X.


Stable and user friendly messenger. Works better than Pidgin.


The best way to customize your keyboard. Special options for those that are migrating from PC or use a hackintosh.